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Urban Miyares & David Hopkins, Team Challenged America’s double-handed entry of in this year’s legendary, 2,225 nautical mile Transpac Race, from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

Urban Miyares, Co-Founder and David Hopkins, Director of Vessel & Gift Donations for the charitable Challenged America program will be double handed racing on a Tripp 40 sailboat called B’Quest in the Transpac. What makes their entry special is that Urban Miyares is blind, has Type 1 diabetes (and a host of other medical issues), and David Hopkins has a hearing impairment. Both of them are disabled veterans … and well seasoned sailboat racers and they intend to win this race.

Urban and David are dedicated volunteers helping those with physical and hidden impairment through therapeutic sailing and racing programs. They have literally changed the lives of so many. Now they are on a quest to bring attention to Challenged America and the needs of the many fellow disabled veterans, as well as to others with disabilities and their loved ones.

One thought on “About Team CA

  1. I am an experienced sailor and have owned sailboats in the past. I am 67 years old and have been disabled for the past seven years, limited use of my left leg.
    I would very much like to get back into sailing, extended trips. I live on the east coast, Philadelphia area.
    Please advise.

    Tom McCue

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